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Patients speak for themselves

Why take our word for it when our patiens can speak for themselves?

Carter & Pandis

Jacky and Judy discuss Carter’s Pandis and how we’ve been able to help him cope with the condition.

Father Carl & Back Pain

Jacky and Father Carl discuss discus his back pain and how through massage, injection, and rehab, Father Carl's back has continued to improve.

Wes & Knee Pain

The knee-pain relief that Wes has expereinced at Pain and Wellness Group is the best he's ever had.

Judith & Migraines

Villa Park IL Chiropractor Helps Woman with Migraines Get Her Life Back!

Knee Pain

Villa Park IL Chiropractor Helps Man Who Lived His Life In Pain Heal From Knee Pain!

Erin & Migraines

Plainfield IL Chiropractor Helps Woman Gets Rid of Migraines.

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